March madness

Utah-Dec-05-182-768x1024Today I got a message from my naturopath’s office. Just checking in, the receptionist said.

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“It’s March,” she said. “And it looks like we always check in with you in March.”

Am I that predictable, I thought.

The answer is yes. March can be a rough month here in the Northwest. We all so desperately want spring and blue skies but what we get is two-day blizzards that melt into a muddy, gray-brown world.

Last year as I was unloading a winter’s worth of woes on my naturopath as she flipped through her clipboard noting dates I’d come to see her.

“Did you know you’ve been here every March for as long as I’ve seen you?” It must be my seasonal breaking point, where something must change immediately and I get myself to my doctor’s office hoping she has a cure all pill for job challenges, family stress and child rearing growing pains. She doesn’t but she comes pretty close.

I like to say she is the woman who got me pregnant. I’ve made this joke for years because me, Seth and my naturopath worked pretty hard at conceiving Eliza. If it hadn’t been for her progesterone-producing magic herb remedies, we may not have a sweet girl to call our own. When I got pregnant with Lucille what felt like 20 minutes after Eliza was born, it was my naturopath who came through again with stick-to-the-uterus medicines to keep Lucille where she needed to be for the next 40 weeks. And when I had meningitis, after the doctors at the hospital saved my life, it was my naturopath who saved my sanity.

So when she calls to check in, I do a full physical and mental check in to make sure all is well.  After a little assessing today I realized I should probably drop in for a visit. I’ve been feeling tired, a little grumpy and more than a little dissatisfied. It is getting closer to the end of a long winter and I’m feeling the effects of the dark, the cold, the quiet complacency I see all around me.

But, my visit to the naturopath will have to wait.

I have my own cure in mind that has, in the past, done wonders for my irritable mood. We are going to the desert next week in search of sun and red rock. We are taking our daughters to somewhere beautiful to do as little as possible. We are looking for time to think, time to sit and look at a landscape that is not our own but one that is deep within us.