On my most recent trip back East I came face-to-face, quite literally, with some who may not be 100 percent comfortable with Eliza. Not so much with her personality, but with her gender fluidity. This landed in my lap as my grandmother was in her final days so, wanting to harness all of my thoughts and love toward the person dying in front me, I chose to push it aside, emotionally compartmentalize it, deal with it later.

Capsules are regular size and easy to swallow, and I like that the jar has screw cap. ! If you get a new prescription and need it filled that day, you can walk into a pharmacy and get it taken care of.

Well, it’s later.


I have been trying to think of a loving response, a response I would be proud to share with my daughter one day, one that assigns neither blame nor judgment. One born of understanding but one that is unequivocal. This hasn’t been an easy task. <Read more>