I am really good at triage. When the you-know-what hits the proverbial fan a steel gate closes in me and I organize, buy plane tickets, drive through the night. I’m not usually phased by blood or bodily fluids in these moments. I can clean up my children’s throw up off the bathroom floor, clamp my hand tightly around their bloody finger, watch from within six inches while a doctor sews a deep facial cut. I’m a rock. Solid, emotionless, moving through a set of logistics to help everyone arrive at a safe place.

Seth reads and listens to lots of books about the psychology of trauma and can tell me that my brain was wired this way in childhood, that I developed this mechanism as one way to protect myself from the change around me. He can tell me that this closing off to accomplish a task may not be the best thing for my health. <Read More>

One that doesn't upset my tummy and make me taste it all day. ! Brand and generic drugs are therapeutically and chemically equivalent.