Dip and dive

I have always loved to swim. When I was a little girl I’d bounce and splash for hours in water up to chest. I’d flip, kick and sink to the bottom of the pool relishing the muffled, underwater sounds, the escape into the quiet of the shallow end. I grew up in South Carolina where the summers are hot and, sometimes, the only way to find is relief is to get in the water. Somewhere. Anywhere. I spent lots of summer days swimming in borrowed pools. As I grew up, swimming pools became more about the bathing suit than the back flips and I eventually spent less time in the water. Then, I moved to Montana. I started heading into the mountains and, thanks to a good friend, began diving into cold mountain lakes. Dunking in water took on new meaning. Plunge, then onto the rocks to dry off and warm up in the sun. No floating, no bouncing. But pure exhilaration, nonetheless. <Read More>

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