Tent revival

A friend of mine went to see Gillian Welch when she and her partner David Rawlings came through town last summer. “It was transcendent,” she said of the concert that sold out the Wilma Theater. Other people I knew talked about the show for weeks. Rawlings, a guitarist and master harmonizer, was unspeakably talented, Gillian’s voice was unmatched.

I’d been a fan of their stripped bare sound, their empty room kind of feeling for years so this year when they added Missoula to their tour again we sprung for tickets, asked friends to watch Eliza and Lucille and went to see them.

We stood at the front of the open seating theater and listened as they played. They were funny, self-deprecating about the fact that all of their songs might make one want to open a vein and they were dripping in talent. <Read More>