Cocktail of choices

Yesterday afternoon Seth and I came home to two little girls who wanted to watch a movie. My mother and aunt are visiting this week and had already begun the task of making dinner. So we curled up in a cool room and watched. We were a tangle of legs, heads resting on someone else’s hip, arms outstretched for scratching. Seth’s thick carpenter hand rested on my leg as Eliza scooted up into the curve of my body. Lucille saddled up beside her sister and they didn’t even fight. It was lovely, touching all of the most important people in my life at one time.

As I lay there my mind drifted from the movie and the Sundance Jewelry catalog I’d been thumbing through to this concept of choices I’m just starting to tinker with. We have lots of them and somehow this lightening bolt has just repeatedly lit up the sky over my head. <Read More>