savagemama: March on

Two days ago I woke up to this Facebook status update from my friend Bobbie who lives in Eugene.

“Dear month of February: I don’t know what hurt your inner child has suffered that you had to pack such a punch every single day so far. And now this hissy fit storming? Use the leap day this year to get your self-help on, girl. And don’t let the door hit your butt too hard on the way out.”

I wrote to tell her I thought her description of February was spot on and asked if I could quote her.

“Absolutely!” she said. “I’ve decided February is some kind of stone, cold bitch the last couple years.”

In case you missed February’s departure in the wee hours this morning I’m here to tell you the stone, cold bitch has officially gone away. For another year. We Northwestners have done our penance. It’s over. And no one is happier about it than me.

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