savagemama: Trading places

The other day I walked in the door at the end of the day to find Seth ready to pull his hair out. “Juice won’t take a nap, Eliza either and they are both bouncing off the walls,” he said. I sort of half ignored him nuzzled sweet Lucille and followed Eliza to her room so she could show me her dress up outfit.

A little while later he announced that he and his dad, who was visiting, were going to the bar to watch the game. That got my attention. Seth’s dad doesn’t drink and Seth has “never watched the game” as long as I’ve known him. He, after all, still refers to football teams as squads.

“What game?” I said.

“Oregon is playing in the national championship,” he said. “In football.”

“Oh, I knew that,” I said. “But I had no idea you did.”

“Bye,” he said. “We’ll be back soon.” And there were gone, out the door before I could say another word. [Read more]