savagemama: This tornado, it loves you

Sometimes, I just miss my husband. Even though we cialis 5mg live in the same house, share a bed, eat from the same table. Still, I miss him. So often we move around each other: he steps to the right so I can get the peanut butter out of the cupboard for Eliza, he steps left so I can get the milk out of the fridge for Lucille. I move back so he can get around me and wrangle the dogs back into the house when they’ve escaped. I stand on the toilet, two little girls at my feet, so he can get his toothbrush from under the sink. We move in the same space but we are accomplishing an endless list of tasks, meeting the needs of our children until we fall, exhausted, into bed at night. We talk in passing about important things. I think we are both seasoned professionals in the twenty-second sound bite. Read More »