savagemama: No princesses here

Eliza is going to walk down the aisle this weekend at Seth’s sister Robi’s wedding wearing Converse All-Stars. With flames on the sides. A few weeks ago Robi asked if Eliza would be in the wedding, walk with her grandparents carrying the rings. We told Robi yes knowing that we had a sell on our hands. I wasn’t worried about selling the being-in-the-wedding part or the walking-with –your-grandparents part. We told her what an honor it is to be the ring bearer and that she’d get to walk with Grandma Maggie and Babu (her grandfather). She was psyched and I could see she felt important. The part I didn’t want to tell her had to do with the dress she’d have to wear and the subsequent dress up shoes that would go along with it.

“And, I mean, you’ll wear a dress that you pick out and it’ll be fun,” I said casually without looking at her.

Eliza stopped what she was doing. “But I don’t wear dresses,” she said. Read More »