savagemama: The importance of beauty

Saturday, Seth and I started hiking up a drainage in the Mission mountains at 7:30 a.m. It was our sixth wedding anniversary. The trail was steep and familiar and we moved slowly as Eliza and Lucille lay sleeping at the house of dear friends who’d agreed to watch them so we could have a kid-free night and day. Around 9 a.m. we came out of the trees and onto a rocky alpine ridge. As I stood looking at the curved mountain meadows to either side, the jagged outline of Graywolf Peak, the tiny lakes that had just barely begun to thaw, I thought about how in our modern lives there are so few opportunities to touch something ancient. Birth. Mountains. Death. Ocean.

To experience these things we place our hands, even if for a moment, on that place inside us that needs to connect with something primal.

It got me thinking about the choices we make: where we live, how we treat ourselves, those in our lives and how they treat us. I thought about how it is okay to choose to make something a part of your life just because it’s beautiful, just because it fulfills in you some unexplainable need.

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