savagemama: Giving and getting it all

When I cracked an inside joke around mile 23 I think my friend Sarah knew I was not only going to be fine but that was going to finish this marathon smiling. I had picked her up a mile or so before. She was jumping up and down, smiling and cheering for me.

“Woohoo Savage!” she said.

I took my headphones off long enough to hug her and say, “Let’s get her done, Richey!”

“Let’s do it!” she said. We were both pretty excited. I was feeling strong, we’d connected at the spot we’d planned the on the day before when she said she’d be happy to hop in the last leg of the race and run with me. There aren’t many people I’d want to see at mile 22 of a marathon but Sarah Richey, she’s one of them. She’s top notch.

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