savagemama: I'd rather be working

I saw a cartoon in the New Yorker this week that made me laugh. It was a of a woman driver, clearly frazzled, with three kids in car seats behind her. The bumper sticker on her minivan said, “I’d rather be working.” I have been that mother in the car with two kids in car seats gripping the steering wheel, doing deep breathing exercises just trying to get to somewhere. I get it, I thought. Yes, there are days I’d rather be answering emails, coming up with tag lines for ads, writing a communication plan — the “work” I’ve done for years. But as I stood there reading the cartoon again, I thought, hey, wait a second. If that woman is taking care of three kids who are young enough to still be in car seats, no one is working harder than she is.

It is the New Yorker, after all, who knows, that irony may be the whole point of the cartoon because that magazine is nothing if not ironic. But that cartoon got me thinking. Read More »