Blake Haygood has always been fascinated with machinery and ideas of things that don’t exist. As a kid growing up in Forsyth, Ga., this idea took form in the science fiction he read. Today, as a working artist and part owner of the Platform Gallery in Seattle, Haygood is intrigued by fanciful objects like free-floating gears that break apart. Reborn, retooled and repurposed, these objects find their way into his art.

In Haygood’s Missoula Art Museum exhibit, Depending on Your Perspective It Might be OK, the images suggest workability and impossibility, humor with a touch of despair. While the constituent parts are recognizable enough—mechanical even—the shrapnel cast off of these objects signals they are no longer workable, no longer functional. The relationship of these objects to their former function is an impossible one and somehow, says Haygood, “humorous and goofy, sad and falling apart.” [Read More]