savagemama: Home

We returned to Montana Tuesday after 14 days in South Carolina. We are relaxed, happy and readjusting to our lives here. Lucille is asleep after a long night with a high fever. Eliza is at preschool with a sack of seashells and more than a few stories about her relative who speak to her slow and sweet. I’m sitting here on our deck in Missoula feeling more and more at home in this house and wondering if the light shifted while I was away or if somehow, in two weeks, I forgot how drop-dead gorgeous it is in Montana. Today all I want to do is sit in the sun, look at the brilliant blue sky and take long deep breaths. Here are a few things crossing my mind in my sleep-deprived haze.

Little Lucille seemed so pitiful in the middle of the night with a 103-degree temperature. She lay on my chest, her heart racing, her body working hard to get rid of whatever it is that is bringing her down. Bloody air travel, one friend said. And it’s true. “No like it,” Lucille kept saying in the middle of the night. “No like it, mama.” Read More »