savagemama: It's not the heat, it's the humidity

Laundry is drying all over our house. It’s piled in a giant heap on the bathroom floor, it’s on the kitchen table and all over Eliza and Lucille’s room. We’ve been folding, choosing shorts and dresses, packing sandals and flip flops. Eliza has a suitcase filled with markers, a bathing suit and her Spiderman shoes waiting by the front door. We’re leaving.

We’re headed to the Carolinas.

We’re going to see the grandparents.

And my two little girls couldn’t be more excited. Even at three and one they know grandparent visits mean candy, movies, toys. My dad has absolutely no qualms about going through the McDonald’s drive thru at 9:30 a.m. for an ice cream and my daughters know this. They can’t wait.

I asked Eliza if she wanted to bring a baby doll with her. She took my face in her hands as if to say, silly mommy. She might as well have shaken her head when she uttered her next sentence.

“Mamaw Ginger is going to buy me a brown baby with brown clothes,” she said of her grandmother.

“Oh, really?” I said. “Did she tell you this on the phone?”

“No, she just always buys me a baby,” Eliza said. Then she ran off to find more things to stuff in her carry on. Read More »