savagemama: Deconstructing Missoula's downtown

The other day I took Eliza and Lucille to get a burrito in downtown Missoula. Ever since I first walked these snowy streets in the winter of 1996, I’ve always loved the heart of Missoula. I’ve spent many a winter afternoon in Butterfly Herbs drinking coffee, leafed through the magazine selection at Fact and Fiction and eaten lunch from Worden’s deli counter more times that I can count. Every decent pair of shoes I own came from Hide and Sole and my mother kindly bought both of our kids’ car seats at Whippersnappers. I eat breakfast every chance I get at the Catalyst and have passed more than one summer evening on the deck of the Old Post or outside Sean Kelly’s. I bank and go to the post office downtown. Eliza goes to preschool a few blocks from downtown and we live a five-minute bike ride from the center of it all. Downtown has always been idyllic to me but after Saturday I’m seeing it in a different light. Read More »