savagemama: Tight fittin' jeans

The other day I asked Seth if my pants looked too tight. He tilted his head to the side and told me to turn around. I did.

“I think they are a little tight,” he said. “Really, they just look uncomfortable.”

In case you were wondering, Seth never got the “No, babe, you look great!” lesson. If I ask what he thinks about what I have on, or the way my hair looks, I better be ready for the truth. He’s honest and I love it about him even though I don’t always agree with him.

But this day, I took off my jeans searching for another pair of pants that fit a little looser, not because I valued his opinion so much, but because he was right, those jeans were uncomfortable.

Let me say that Seth is not one of those men who wants his woman to look a certain way. Well, that’s not true. If I were to wear, say, peasant looking blouses with baggy, dirty Carhardts everyday, he’d be thrilled. Add long braids and his fantasy would be complete. But my hair looks infinitely better short and, occasionally, I’d like something in my wardrobe that I cannot buy at the farm supply store, which brings me back to those uncomfortable jeans. Read More »