Prey Tell

During one section of world-renowned choreographer Bebe Miller's modern dance piece, "Prey," two University of Montana students recreate the taking down of a water buffalo. It's not what it sounds like; not even close. For the audience, it simply looks like an intense duet between Lauren Belland and Stevie Teran. She approaches him from behind, climbs atop his back and ever so slowly positions her weight to drop him gently to the floor. The delicate balance between Belland and Teran, and Teran's subtle switch to submission, looks anything but a scene from some late-night Animal Planet special. "Prey" may be inspired by imagery from the wild, but Miller says the piece deals with experience of everyday struggles.

"There is something about submitting to the utmost of what a situation calls for," says Miller about the piece, which debuts as part of the UM School of Theatre and Dance's Dance In Concert performance this week. [Read More]