savagemama: New Mama Role

This morning Eliza heard a snipet of Madonna’s “Holiday” on the radio (on NPR no less) and started dancing in the kitchen. I spent the next twenty minutes searching for my one Madonna CD so she might keep bending her knees and moving her shoulders from side to side. “More dance,” she said as I finally put my hands on the “Immaculate Collection” CD I bought so many years ago in college.

CD-silver with blue polka dots, it was unmistakable in the flip book that holds our music collection. One day we’ll get around to storing our music digitally – maybe when Eliza is high school – but for now we flip and take a bumpy ride down the bad music choices of days gone by. My one Madonna CD lives in the flip book—along with Dave Matthews Band (circa 1994), Indigo Girls, Lenny Kravitz and Al Green—that we only open in moments like these when I want to dredge up memories of middle school dances and sorority formals, or when I need to have a dance party with my two-year-old. [Read More]