savagemama: Girl Parts

Eliza has discovered her business, her girl parts, her vagina. She “washes” herself in the bathtub which I’m pretty sure is a thinly veiled excuse to rub the bar of soap between her legs.

She wants to wipe herself and walks around with her hands down her pants. I’m not really sure what, if anything, to do about this. Our doctor asked me at our 18-month visit if I had any questions about masturbation.

“Don’t we worry about that when she’s, like, eight?” I said.

“Some people worry about it now, when they are discovering themselves,” she said.

I walked away confused. Then, not two weeks later, Eliza’s “downtown” became a fascinating place to her and I understood why the doctor had asked me about it.

I’m chalking it up to curiosity, making sure not to make her feel shameful and getting used to her walking around with her arm – up to her elbow -- in her diaper.