savagemama: Thug Life

The poet Nikki Giovanni has tattoo that says Thug Life on her wrist. She got it as a tribute to Tupac Shakur after he was gunned down. This black woman who has to be in her sixties did not know him, she says, but thought he spoke the truth. She says if she has the choice to be with the thugs or with the ones trying to bring them down, she’d rather be with the thugs. If she had the choice to be the “one swinging from the tree” or the ones looking up at him, she’d rather be the one in the tree. She says she rather be Matthew Sheppard than the ones who beat him. Hearing the words, tears streamed down my cheeks.

She says if the choice to be with the "ones running or the ones chasing," she'd rather be with the ones running.

Read her poem dedicated to Tupac here