savagemama: Notes from a Neat Freak

A few weeks ago, I got my Virgo on. Somewhere in the description of what we Virgos are supposed to do and not do is something about being a perfectionist. In my life this translates (in the most obvious way) as being a neat freak. So on this particular day, I took Eliza to daycare and set about cleaning out the room that will be hers once we finish a small remodel to the space. I organized clothes into plastic bins, I packed books based on size into cardboard boxes, I folded bedding, I recycled magazines. I loved the satisfactory clink of climbing gear as I packed it away and how neatly our mountain of backpacks looked on top of the wall of storage containers I’d built in the garage by the time I was finished. It took me all day and as I stood back to look this tidy little moment of perfection I fought the urge to take a picture. I made a mental note to threaten Seth with divorce if even thought about touching my work of art.

“The crampons, ice axes and climbing rack are all right there in that bin on top,” I told him later as I proudly showed off my day’s work. “So don’t go digging for them!” [Read More]