savagemama: What One Mama Will Do For Another

Last night when I got home I handed the baby to Seth and plopped down on the couch. I leaned my head back and felt the full weight of my body sink into the ancient cushions. I was so, so tired. Maybe as tired as I had been those first few weeks of pregnancy or after a really long run, maybe even more tired than that. I am not pregnant (can you hear that hallelujah chorus, too?) and I’ve not been doing any long runs. I’ve been babysitting for two days in a row and I think it is official the two little creatures I’ve been chasing have worked me over good, sent me down for the count, made me cry mercy.

Thank God these two little girls are cute.

I asked my friend’s child the other day over a snack of cherry tomatoes if she knew any new words.

“Yeah, they’re up there,” she said pointing to a dry erase board with a list of words on it.

She’s not even two. [Read More]