savagemama: Separation Anxiety

Seth is going to Portland this weekend to celebrate the retirement of his papa. I’m staying home. We talked about taking a family trip to Oregon but then remembered we just did that in July and I was back East with Eliza for two weeks in August and like everyone else in Missoula we’ve been booked since Memorial Day, so I decided to sit this one out. I love Seth’s Dad and I’d love to be there to help him celebrate his cutting ties with the corporate world but Seth and I agreed; he should go, Eliza and I should stay. We agreed, until last week.

Seth started dropping hints about how he and Eliza could go to Portland and what a treat that would be for his dad.

“Why not,” he said. He pointed out I had taken Eliza, more than once, to see my family when he had to stay home. Couldn’t he do the same?

“No,” I said.

“I’ll take breast milk. We’ll be fine,” he said. “Just think you could do whatever you want.” [Read More]