savagemama: How a Family Fits Together

I got off the plane in Charlotte, N.C. near my parents’ house two weeks ago tired but happy to see them. Eliza had slept on two of our three flights that day and she was asleep again as my dad drove us down the eight-lane highway to his house. Eliza woke to the humidity of the South in August, the cool of my parents’ house and an excited white dog at which she pointed and said, “Da?” We slept that night, a long journey complete. During the night I noticed I couldn’t get comfortable. My stomach was rolling and I couldn’t make it stop. By morning the rolling had turned into cramping and before I knew it I was in the middle of a bout with the stomach flu. As the morning went on and I got sicker and sicker, my 13-year-old sister realized that either she was going to have to take care of Eliza all day or she’d need to call in reinforcements. She opted for the latter and called my stepmother who kindly came home from work. [Read more]