savagemama: Canning with and for baby

It’s a season in our house, the putting away of food. And the season is almost here.

A few weeks ago Eliza finished our last bag of frozen peaches. The same week Seth and I finished our last jar of tomato sauce we’d canned, bleary-eyed, last fall.

These days our freezer seems to have limitless space, our kitchen shelves are bare. Last season’s food is gone and the strawberries are in at the farm down the road. In a few weeks the cherries will come in at the farm by the lake, the raspberries will be ready in our neighbor’s patch. Slowly, our own garden will start to produce. In a few months, we’ll pull tomatoes, onions, potatoes, carrots and squash. We’ll pick basil. We’ll pick beans. We’ll freeze, we’ll dry, we’ll can. [Read More]