savagemama: Baby bodies and Buddha

Like a lot of other mamas around here I feel like I straddle oovy groovy and totally conventional. I continue to seek out alternative views on parenting because I’m obviously open to them but can’t imagine what my mother must think about all of this. At my daughter’s six-week doctor’s visit I told her doctor that she kicked and cried after she ate. The doctor said she probably had colic. “But you know, she may just be unhappy in her baby body. Some babies are like Buddha and love to be held others hate to go back to not being able to do their thing and it frustrates them,” she said.

“Go back?” I asked.

“Yeah, I mean if you believe in reincarnation, they’re just stuck back in their baby bodies. She could just be sensitive,” she said. “Have you read that book about highly sensitive people?” [more]